Release Notes 2019

Conference Information
Sunday, October 6, 2019

For those of you who are heading home today, thank you for joining us at Release Notes 2019!

And for those of you who will be staying an extra day for our optional "wind-down day," we hope that you are able to enjoy the company of your fellow conference-goers while taking advantage of all that Finest Playa Mujeres has to offer. If you see Charles or Joe wandering the resort or sitting by the pool, please feel free to join us!


Note: All times are in the local time zone, EST (UTC−5:00).

All Day There is no formal schedule today. You are encouraged to enjoy the resort, meet up with your fellow conference-goers, and process everything you learned during the conference.
Evening You are encouraged to coordinate dinner and drink plans with others on Slack, but no pressure. This is your wind-down day. Do with it what you want.

Resort Map

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Finest Resort Map